Believe Together / Creamos Juntos

Bogota - New York - Lisbon

Our work lives across digital, social, broadcast and film. Let’s believe together.


Meet our team

brian torres

Brian Torres

Founder of Mammoth Editorial, a video production team, since 2007 he is also the Co-founder of Búho, video production studio in Bogota, since 2014. His work as an editor and director of photography has been shown on the Discovery Channel, CNN, Univision, Fusion and Telemundo. He has worked with companies, and brands such as Vox Media, The Verge, Fly, SB Nation, Nikon, Twitter, Avianca, Audi, Colombia and Ubeci.

daniel cadena

Daniel Cadena

Director and editor and co-Founder of Búho since March of 2014, he has worked on many projects for the television and film industry in Bogota, Colombia. His experience in the post-production industry has been seen internationally on the History Channel, Paka Paka Argentina and Señal Colombia. He has worked with production companies such as 4 Direcciones, MazDoc, Serious Pictures UK and many more.

gabriel mendez

Gabriel Mendez

Musician and graduate of SAE Institute of Audio Technology in NY on 2010, he developed his Audio Design Company in 2013 (www.rgmad.com). Co Founder-Sound Designer at www.buho.us, his mission is to listen and capture the emotions within the sound, and let the story sing along.